Auto Repairs in Kitty Hawk, NC

At Auto Man in Kitty Hawk, NC, we believe auto repairs are an opportunity for a great partnership between a customer and qualified mechanic. Backed by our NAPA AutoCare Center certification, we are the leading experts in our community for quality auto repairs. Whether you need an oil change, spark plug installation, or a check engine light read, come see us for what will be a fast and affordable service.


Common Auto Repairs

Our mechanics have years of experience doing all types of common auto repairs, including spark plug replacement, air filter changes, brake services, and A/C repairs. Give us a call today to find out if we can do your needed repair. 


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Oil Changes

One of the most common services we perform at Auto Man is oil changes. When you sign up for an oil change with us, you’ll have your car back within the same day, possibly within a couple of hours. We strive for efficiency, but we always ensure precision and accuracy in all auto repairs.

Check Engine Light Code Reader

Having the check engine light pop up can be a sign that you need an auto tune-up or repair. The first thing you should do is get the code read by a qualified mechanic that you can trust. We have helped countless people read their codes and find the right repair for their vehicles.

Need a Repair? Call Us Today

Auto repairs are easier than ever with Auto Man. Give us a call today and schedule your next appointment for a quality service at an affordable price. All of our auto repairs are done by qualified mechanics with years of experience.

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